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Top Secret CIA Remote Viewing Lab Tests With Uri Geller

For in excess of 20 years, scientists at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) completed classified investigations into ESP and psychic phenomena and humans ability to experience and depict faraway happenings obscured from inferior perception. Throughout this time, the globally renowned Psychic Uri Geller was in the process of being secretly investigated by the CIA at SRI. [...]

Best gift for the sports fans is this Asics Onitsuka Tiger shoes

Cushioned insole,with a low-slung racing style midsole and toe bumper, with a flat high traction track style outsole.They were worn at the Mexico Olympic Games in 1968.Welcome the new version featuring three hook and loop straps closure.Leather and suede upper for long,durable wear. Checking the words at this article with underline and the bold, then [...]

Undertaking Timber Sales Takes Skill

A few companies grow their own trees for their products, others buy the trees completely cut from lumber mills, yet still other companies fit somewhere in the middle. They make use of timber sales to obtain their timber without needing to grow them or spend the additional of having them prepared by a timber mill. [...]

Commercial Real Estate Guide- Earn Extra With Business Real Estate

Commercial Real Property refers back to the property that has potential to generate further revenue for the owner of actual estate. Commercial real estate generally consists of office buildings, retail properties, condominium models, condos and raw land. Every property that can produce revenue for the owner is called business real estate. It doesn’t include liveable [...]

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